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Simulation of Berri-Hadriya Reservoir History with POWERS
08:15 - 08:45, EXPEC Auditorium, Saudi Aramco.
SPE Technical Symposium, June 25, 1996, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Presented by Ali Dogru, with Abdalla Ahmed, Richard Heil, Craig Jimenez & Rick Pavlos.

POWERS, Saudi Aramco's first parallel reservoir simulator, has been used to simulate the production/injection history (1970 - 1996) of the complex Berri-Hadriya reservoir. The reservoir description was taken from a large window of the most recent Berri geostatistical model (StrataModel). The window contains the entire oil reservoir and a significant portion of the surrounding aquifer. The simulation model has 74 layers, 250-meter spacing, and 1.2 million cells. It was run on Saudi Aramco's 32-processor, massively parallel CM-5E computer.

The first history run yielded very encouraging results for matching water production rates and producing well pressures. Total execution time for the 26-year history was three CM-5E hours.

The presentation will discuss steps involved in history matching of geological models, together with the advantages of using such models; the environment for constructing/analyzing mega-cell simulation models; computational performance which can be expected; highlights of the POWERS development effort; and the Berri team's experience during the project.

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